Aimee Jabari

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Aimee Jabari
Race: Human
Paragon-icon.png Profession: Paragon
Level(s): 20


Aimee Jabaree is a Defenders of the Blackblade officer.


Until recently Aimee could have been found at the village of Ronjok or sitting at Nundu Bay whiling away the hours, deep in thought.

Nowadays if your lucky you might find her at Wizard's Isle about to embark on another great adventure in her search for the Great Bunny.

Skills Used

"Shhhhhhhh!" "Shhhhhhhh!" (Elite)


Rumour has it that Aimee as a small child was found wandering lost and alone by tribesman from the small village of Ronjok. Villagers believe she was from the nomadic Fukahwee Tribe known to wander the plains inland of the Marga Coast. No-one has ever seen this proud tribe but their haunting calls can be heard in the still of the night 'We're the Fukahwee'.

As Aimee got older she had many questions about her past that no one could answer, deep down she still felt lost. Then one day the villagers took her before the village Cheif Elder Jonah,"What is it my child?" he asked...
Aimee informed him of the many questions regarding her past she needed to know.
Elder Jonah advised her the following: "Aimee Jabari I see a mighty leader before me, The Great Rabbit is whom you must seek. Find this Great Bunny for the answers to your questions, many great adventures lay ahead of you. You must travel to a faraway land over many oceans in your search for the truth of your past".

So with courage and determination Aimee left Ronjok in search of the Great Bunny, assured that she will one day find peace within, and a sense of belonging.