Ba Sin Sei

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Ba Sin Sei
Ba Sin Sei.jpg
Race: Human
Ranger-icon.png Profession: Ranger
Level(s): 20


Ba Sin Sei is a member of the Defenders of the Blackblade guild.


Items Dropped

  • 1 gold coin
  • Poisonous Nevermore Flatbow
  • ashes of grasping was kuurong


  • Ba sin sei is a very devote worshipper of Melandru. The godess of the nature gives Ba sin the strength to complete every objective.
  • Ba sin sei lives in the maguuma jungle, he's the last remnant of the maguuma druids.
  • My names comes from the anime Avatar the last airbender: Ba sin sei is the capital of the Earth kingdom.

Ba sin's home


Skills Used

*Ba sin's arrows Ba sin's arrows (Elite)
*Selfdestruct Selfdestruct (Elite)
*Dream Train Dream Train (Elite)
*Charge of the lion Charge of the lion (Elite)
*Melandru Dryad Melandru Dryad (Elite)

Ba sin sei
"Be great in act, as you have been in thought."
User Ba Sin Sei Ba sin sei.jpg
Gender Male.png Male
Born in Maguuma Stade
Profession Ranger-icon.png Ranger
Level 20
  • Get norn armor