Captain Marcus Cray

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Captain Marcus Cray
Captain Cray.jpg
Race: Human
Pirate-icon.png Profession: Pirate
Level(s): 20


Captain Marcus Cray is the valiant leader of the DotB pirating group. Also known as the Cap'n and Captain Cray, he and his crew sail under the flag of the Defenders of the Blackblade.


  • Tyria
    • Some Ship or Tavern

Skills Used

Items Dropped

  • cutlass
  • shovel
  • crowbar & rope
  • gold tooth in gum
  • rubber chicken
  • banana picker
  • magnetic compass
  • spyglass
  • grog


  • "It be time for a tale of piracy and adventure"
  • "Ye'll take me blunderbuss, when ye pry it from me cold, dead hands!"
  • "Shot through ye heart... and I be to blame... Ye were be needin'... a better aim..."

Current Crew


He has been known to tell quite the tall tale about various adventures he has been on to the entire guild, whether they wish to hear or not.