Gonzo Svardberg

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Gonzo Svardberg
Gonzo Svardberg.jpg
Character info
Norn-icon.png GW2Guardian-icon.png
Level: 80

Long ago, I determined my path, and nothing will sway me from it. I am stalwart in my beliefs and immovable in my loyalties. The weight of my pauldrons reminds me of the burden I carry. I'm dignified even when up to my ears in mud. It's what makes people respect me. A serious, thoughtful demeanor is the route to success. My intuition gives me the insight I need to guard the Mists, where the souls of our ancestors endure in glory. Ale! Rowdy brawling! It's far too easy to let loose in the thrill of the moment. After I woke up, I couldn't remember what I'd done. I'm sure it was nothing too terrible. Bear is the most powerful among the Spirits of the Wild. She is a symbol of fortitude and self-reliance. She roared over me when I was a babe, and ever since, I've had Bear's courage in my heart.

This is my story.

- Gonzo Svardberg, Commander in Defenders of the Blackblade


  • Dredgehaunt Cliffs
    • Granite Citadel


Norn Cultural Tier I
Gonzo Svardberg-armour-Norn Cultural Tier I.jpg

Exploration left

Maguuma Jungle

   Brisban Wildlands
   Caledon Forest
   Metrica Province
   Sparkfly Fen 


   Gendarran Fields
   Harathi Hinterlands
   Kessex Hills
   Bloodtide Coast 


   Diessa Plateau (just bugged vista left)


Chantry of Secrets
Red Borderlands 
Green Borderlands 
Blue Borderlands
Eternal Battleground

Character achievements

  • Joined Durmand Priory