Serasana Soulhelm

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Serasana Soulhelm
Serasana Soulhelm.jpg
Character info
Human-icon.png GW2Elementalist-icon.png
Level: 80

Lyssa, the goddess of beauty, blessed me when I was young. Though trouble may follow me, I overcome it with charm. My people are dirt poor, and I've struggled all my life. I've made something of myself, and the only thing I regret is that I never recovered my sister's body. I'm an elementalist, and I study all the elements. I wear a gem that symbolizes my love of water.

This is my story.

- Serasana Soulhelm, Commander in Defenders of the Blackblade


  • Gandarra Borderlands

Character achievements

  • Joined the Durmand Priory
  • Lvl 400 Artificer