Deadeye Bucktooth

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Deadeye Bucktooth
Deadeye Bucktooth.jpg
Character info
Human-icon.png GW2Engineer-icon.png
Level: 24

Nothing sees the world more clearly than a soaring eagle. These goggles allow its wearer to see just as well. I grew up poor, on the streets, living hand to mouth. Every day was a challenge, but like I tell my ol' buddy Quinn, "If it doesn't kill you, it makes you stronger." I've worked hard to change my luck, but I've still got a long way to go. My sister was a Seraph. Centaurs killed her while she was out on patrol. They never recovered her body, and it has always bothered me. Lyssa wears many masks. She is the dual-faced goddess of beauty, water and illusion. She is the patron of the most attractive and graceful among us. Her blessings have touched me all my life.

This is my story.

- Deadeye Bucktooth, Gunner in The Crew Pirate-icon.png


  • ?????????
    • ?????????
      • Boat


After his wildly successful mutiny against Captain Marcus Cray and the following running for his life because nobody chose his side. Captain Deadeye found a ship at Sanctum Cay and set sails towards the Shiverpeaks and beyond.

A bit too far beyond, since his ship sailed straight towards an iceberg somewhere halfway his supply of rum. After a serious misjudgement of his mesmering skills the Captain somehow froze himself alive.

...250 years later...

Defrosted and healed back to health by a Skritt, Deadeye could not help but think "Why is the rum gone?" after that mandatory rum related joke he figured his life would need re-evaluating.

  • Being a captain is no fun.
  • Magic sucks.
  • Why can't wenches be pirates?
  • Why do these rat people keep pointing those portable cannons at me?
  • How do I make those portable cannons and why do they call them guns?
  • Explosions are fun.

And thus Gunner Deadeye Bucktooth was born. Engineer extraordinary. The Skritt made him carry a sign "Danger, tends to explode." but that sign blew up.

Exploration left


Black Citadel 
Divinity's Reach Hoelbrak 
Lion's Arch
Rata Sum 
The Grove

Maguuma Jungle

   Brisban Wildlands
   Caledon Forest
   Metrica Province
   Mount Maelstrom
   Sparkfly Fen 


   Gendarran Fields
   Harathi Hinterlands
   Kessex Hills
   Bloodtide Coast 


   Cursed Shore
   Malchor's Leap
   Straits of Devastation 


    Blazeridge Steppes
   Diessa Plateau
   Fields of Ruin
   Fireheart Rise
   Plains of Ashford
   Iron Marches 


   Dredgehaunt Cliffs
   Frostgorge Sound
   Lornar's Pass
   Snowden Drifts
   Timberline Falls
   Wayfarer Foothills 


Chantry of Secrets
Borderlands 1
Borderlands 2
Gandara Borderlands
Eternal Battleground