Azeem Salvato

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Azeem Salvato
Azeem Salvato.jpg
Race: Human
Pirate-icon.png Profession: Pirate
Level(s): 20


Azeem Salvato is a Defenders of the Blackblade member.


Skills Used

Items Dropped

  • nothing recorded


It has not yet accored that anybody seen Azeem Salvato fall in battle. He is somewhat of a coward

Salvato Family Ties

The shame of the Salvato Family, Azeem Salvato joined the Corsair as a child, once he saw the error of his ways he joined the Sunspears, there he met with his sister Sylvia Salvato, who ushered him towards the Cap'n. Now they sail under the flags of the Defenders of the Blackblade..


Azeem is a reference to Azeem the Moor from Robin Hood, prince of thieves. Which Wouter watched only hours before creating Azeem.