Darth Necrimus

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Darth Necrimus
Darth Necrimus.png
Race: Unknown
Necromancer-icon.png Profession: Necromancer
Level(s): 20


Darth Necrimus is a Defenders of the Blackblade officer. He was mostly found sitting in Fishermen's Haven under a palm tree, trying very hard not to get a tan.


Skills Used

Items Dropped


While Darth Necrimus tries to be calm and relaxed at all times, it is impossible for him to restrain himself of acting crazy when least expected. This spur of moment outburst of sillyness is often triggered by being adjacent to Griphyne Of Nor. The time/space continuum is not safe while this happens, and often triggers several personality warps and frantic clicking of guildies on the Guild chat active.png button to escape from the crazy ramblings.

He always tries to carry more skills than there is room for on the skillbar, and they are all expected to be Elite skills.

As a peculiarity, Darth Necrimus, although having the appearance of a boss, he is not a boss. The only exception is when Gonzo Salvato uses "AGGRO THE WORLD!", then he relentlessly chases down anything named Gonzo and kites of it.