Ecthelion Cuthalion

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Ecthelion Cuthalion
Ecthelion Cuthalion.jpg
Race: Human
Warrior-icon.png Profession: Warrior
Level(s): 12


Ecthelion Cuthalion is a member of the Defenders of the Blackblade.


Skills Used


Items Dropped

  • Mini Bone Dragon
  • Canthan Targe


Ecthelion Cuthalion was a warrior in Ascalon during the time of the searing. He can usually be found north of the wall fighting against the Charr to protect his beloved Ascalon. He is often accompanied by fellow guildies, Iris Darkbourne and Serene Jiito. Together they have tried to stem the tide of the Charr invasion and have vowed to never leave Ascalon whilst the Charr still pose a threat to their homeland. He is equally proficient in the use of the sword, axe and hammer; however he currently favours the use of a Rinblade. It is not known whether he survived the searing as he has not been seen since.


  • Name derives from characters from JRR Tolkien's books
  • Ecthelion has a hatred of all things furry, especially Charr and cute teddy bears
  • Sworn an oath never to leave Ascalon until the Charr have been pushed back