Serene Jiito

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Serene jiito
Serene Jiito.jpg
Race: Human
Monk-icon.png Profession: Monk
Level(s): 7


Serene Jiito is a Keepers of the Aether member.


Skills Used

Items Dropped

  • 200 Charr hides
  • Long Sword
  • Bear candy


Serene Jiito is one of the defenders of Ascalon before the great searing had occured. She joined the Myth of the Phoenix when she started at the acedemy, however after meeting with Gonzo Salvaggio she joined the Defenders of the Blackblade. She met up with Ecthelion Cuthalion, who helped her charm a bear, which isn't an easy feat as bears have the ability to break a charm. After that she held back many Charr north of the great wall, which history has proven to be futile. It is currently unknown if she survived the searing.


Serene Jiito's greatest wish is to get her armor dyed black and obtain two of those shiny bags the Charr make.
She went to great trouble together with Ecthelion Cuthalion to get her pet bear Marky Mark who tends to die a lot when he sees Charr.