Dave The Pirate

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Dave The Pirate
Dave The Pirate.jpg
Race: Human
Pirate-icon.png Profession: Pirate
Level(s): Unknown


Dave The Pirate is Captain Cray's First Mate. They sail under the flags of the Defenders of the Blackblade.


  • Tyria
    • Some Ship or Tavern

Skills Used

Items Dropped

  • Gold Doubloon
  • Stolen Parrot
  • Stolen Monkey
  • 2 Eyepatches
  • 99 Bottles of Rum
  • Spare sack for looting
  • Broken Cutlass


  • "Arrrr!"
  • "For Treasure and Wenches!"
  • "And don't fer'get the Rum!"


It is thought that the term "Treasure and Wenches!" is similar to DotB's "For Ascalon and Oink!". Out of all of Captain Cray's crew, Dave the Pirate is one of the rarer ones to spot possibly only slightly more common than Burnie. Dave has stayed loyal to his Captain through thick and thin, their adventures can be seen in the webcomic, For Ascalon and Oink!.

Random History

Dave The Pirate met the Cap'n whilst under the effect of hallucinogenic mushrooms. The first words he uttered to his new found companion whilst in his hallucinogenic state was simply,"Arrrr!". Through their mutual understanding of mushrooms and the love of ale, Dave pledged his life to Captain Cray's cause and declared he would follow him to the ends of the earth in search of treasure, drink and wenches.

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