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Calliara Blackheart
GW1 Calliara Blackheart.jpg
Race: Human
Warrior-icon.png Profession: Warrior
Level(s): 20


Calliara Blackheart was the first Defenders of the Blackblade Guild Leader.


Skills Used

Items Dropped


  • Calliara can appear in any of the following armours.

Calliara Armour.jpg


  • Rarely ever shows her helm.
  • The Long Sword is Calliara's favourite sword skin.
  • Calliara favours Obsidian armour.


Calliara had a happy upbringing and spent most of her early years in Ascalon. She became interested in the ways of the warrior so that she could protect the ones she loved. Inspired by heroic tales of Knights in shining armour, she spent most of her teenage years training in the use of a Sword and Shield. Calliara's Father was a Warrior of Balthazar and her Mother a priestess of Dwayna. She progressed naturally in the arts of warfare just like her father. From her mother she gained the ability to heal and protect others.

At the time of the searing, Calliara was ordered to stay at home to protect her family. Her Mother managed to survive the ordeal however her Father died alongside many others defending Ascalon. From that day Calliara swore to protect those that she loved.

She set off on a journey that would, over the years, take her all across the lands of Tyria, Cantha and Elona. She travelled with a small party at first, Griphyne Of Nor, Kratos Moonsilver, Drinjino Everglade, Twiguru Darksurge and Abadon Warcloud. Together they travelled under the banner of the Defenders of the Blackblade.

Whilst passing the gates of Kryta, she found a small warthog by the name of Oink who was being attacked by a hoarde of Undead. It was at this time that she shouted the immortal battle cry of the Defenders of the Blackblade, "For Ascalon and Oink!". It was a shout that would be used from that point on and echoed by many as a call to arms and inspiration for everyone around.

Calliara's Blackblade

Calliara has two Blackblades, both of these are Shadow Blades. Calliara inherited her first Blackblade off her Father. Her second Blackblade was give to her by Darth Necrimus after a particularly challenging battle down in the Tomb of the Primeval Kings. She treasures both of these blades and they hold very high sentimental value to her.


Generally Calliara is usually a happy, quiet and content person. She cherishes those who are close to her, especially her friends and family. She is willing to lay down her life to protect her party. Calliara is sometimes uncertain whether she is doing the right thing and this can lead to a lack of confidence. Although she knows deep down what she should do when it comes to certain situations, she can sometimes feel the pressure is too much which can lead to her going against her own intuition. She worries on how others percieve her. Calliara prefers to keep her emotions bottled up inside rather than let her companions get concerned with her own issues.


Calliara Blackheart was created on the day of release of Guild Wars Prophecies. Calliara comes from the a name that was mentioned in the video game, Neverwinter Nights. Blackheart was an alias that evolved whilst Blackheart was playing an online card game called Triple Triad. Blackheart has used the name or variations of it for characters in the following games: Diablo 2, Final Fantasy XI, World Of Warcraft, Morrowind & Oblivion.

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